Takara Tomy’s Transformers United Photos


TFW2005 Sponsor Kapow Toys was kind enough to supply us with high quality photos of the upcoming Transformers United figures. The figures are due out at the end of December 2010. Here are the figures that we have received photos of:

• Bumblebee Cybertron Mode
• Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode
• Cliffjumper Cybertron Mode
• Megatron Cybertron Mode
• Soundwave Cybertron Mode
• Bumblebee
• Optimus Prime
• Megatron
• Drift
• Straxus

Click the headline of the story to see all of the photos.

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  1. GogDog's Avatar GogDog says

    Originally Posted by cheetorBWORG View Post
    Is that REALLY a Deluxe Megatron from the Voyager mold...?
    It's probably a Henkei rerelease.

  2. nemisispringer's Avatar nemisispringer says

    Drift and straxus look the same as the genrations ones. I must say the classics bumblebee repaint in the shiny gold looks intresting it would be awesome if someone could make a goldbug head for him. Also whats up with that megatron he looks like he has less paint applications than before

  3. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Looks like another Henkei Megs for me, the rest are an easy pass for me.

  4. cheetorBWORG's Avatar cheetorBWORG says

    Originally Posted by GogDog View Post
    It's probably a Henkei rerelease.
    Well then, if it's a rerelease, then WHY use the inferior Prime mold, when everyone wants Henkei Prime!?

    *Grumbles a bit* Sorry... sorry...

    However, as I said in an earlier thread, if the Deluxe mold has had some modifications to make it more stable in Alt Mode, then I might give it a chance...

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