Transformers Headmasters Wonderfest Exclusive Third Party Customs


Next, we thought we’d share this interesting auction from Yahoo Japan that has recently come to light. It’s for a set of three updated Headmaster Warriors – Lione, Shuffler and Loafer. These three were originally a part of the legendary set of six who are among the rarest items from the Japanese Generation 1 run on their original release. These however are updated designs that were produced by a third party company under license from Takara-Tomy, and sold exclusively at Wonderfest (which would have been termed under the license agreement. Such “event exclusives” are fairly common among Japanese garage kit companies at conventions). All three function like the original toys, with robot and head modes, and can even attach to genuine Generation 1 Headmaster bodies! However, the designs are updated to included elements such as proper, individual legs for Kirk.

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  1. Malach Ra has no avatar! Malach Ra says

    I want to yes, but licensed by tomy/tak, also I think its a wonderfest exclusive. Seen pics before, but I have never seen them for sale or any pics of the unassembled kits.

  2. BraveMax's Avatar BraveMax says

    These are the wonderfest exclusive garage kit remakes of the original G1 Headmaster Jrs.

    They are licensed by Tak/Tom, but not made by them.

  3. Blue Meanie's Avatar Blue Meanie says

    How do I get these?!?!?! I must know, and I must change my underwear!

  4. SpicyRichter's Avatar SpicyRichter says

    Neat redesigns of Shuffler Lione and Kirk? They look a lot more compact

  5. VestigialHeart1 has no avatar! VestigialHeart1 says

    I hope HeadRobots steps up their game and starts crankin out some of these bad boys! The originals are awesome (I have the KO versions) but I would LOVE for them to redesign them in the same manner as Hardhead.

    The things I'd do to get my greedy little paws on these things!!!

  6. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Very interesting. I like them, especially the "proper" legs on Kirk.

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