Japanese Transformers Autobot Alliance Altered Decos and Family Mart Lottery Draws


We’ve got some more Japanese Transformers release news coming to you from the C3X Hobby show! This time out we have some information on the Japanese Movie toy releases. Being released in Japan as “Autobot Alliance”, the series all in fact feature small modifications compared to their US releases. Noted variations include:

Sea Spray : his colors are brighter than the US release. In particular the gold is swapped for a more Bumblebee-ish yellow.
Ironhide : gray plastic is used instead of light blue.
Sidearm Sideswipe : As previously reported, there is no flame deco, and the windows are smokey colored.
Elita-1 : contrary to previous reports, Autobot Alliance Elita-1 is not the Arcee mold in her Rotorwash Rumble colors. It is a purple Chromia, with a more screen accurate color scheme than the US release.
Insecticon : As previously reported, Insecticon features a darker, slightly more dull color scheme that is closer to his brief on screen appearance.

Also on show was a display advertising a seven prize draw to be held by lottery through Family Mart stores. The prizes are as follows:

Prize A: Clear Revenge of the Fallen Leader class Optimus Prime
Prize B: Animated Deluxe class Optimus Prime (matte finish, not metallic, no battle damage)
Prize C: Animated Activators Skywarp
Prize D: 1 of 4 Animated EZ collection/Legends (partially clear, looks very cool)
Prize E: 1 of 4 Animated super deformed figure (colored/silver Optimus Prime, colored/Silver Megatron)
Prize F: 1 of 4 Animated cell phone strap (colored/silver Optimus, colored/silver Bumblebee)
Prize G: 1 of 2 Animated glass (Optimus, Bumblebee)

Second Chance prize: mail away Animated Activator Ramjet (requires 2000 yen and 3 ticket of prize E or F or G)

All these prizes were displayed except for Animated Activator Ramjet.

Images provided by 2005 Boards members tackernackle and Gaokaiser, with additional images taken from the higekuma toy toy blog.

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  1. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    clear ROTF leader prime, normal painted deluxe animated prime? I'm almost afraid to want them.

  2. Gaokaiser's Avatar Gaokaiser says

    Originally Posted by hupla View Post
    Whats with that activator starscream?
    It's Skywarp.

  3. Harbinger's Avatar Harbinger says

    is that a alternity skywarp at the bottom of the second picture?

  4. Harbinger's Avatar Harbinger says

    Originally Posted by daelite20 View Post
    That's gotta be alternity Thundercracker
    good point, i should learn my seekers. back to noob school with me.

  5. tf_4_lyf has no avatar! tf_4_lyf says

    whoa whats up with the clear leader class prime. Is it an unkown exclusive for this event, lucky draw, wide released. Can anyone get a translation. i MUST own that figure.

  6. Nightbirdy's Avatar Nightbirdy says

    More prize pics from Hige Hige Toy Diary blog..

    It's a Familymart (a convenience store chain) Exclusive instant lottery that starts in October. 500 yen ($6) per a draw, no blank-lot.

    Sounds fun, I can hardly wait (kids here really love this kind of over-the-counter lucky draws).

  7. 46+2's Avatar 46+2 says

    Its as if someone knew about my clear plastic fetish. They are gonna take all my money.

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