Kabaya Candy Transformers Wave 2


Here’s another cool set of items coming down the pipeline – remember the Kabaya Candy Transformers released last year, in an assortment of Generation 1 Convoy, Star Saber and Henkei Convoy? They were popular enough that Kabaya are making a second wave, as confirmed by this listing on a Rakutan Shop. The second assortment of Kabaya Candy Transformers will consist of Ultra Magnus (who appears to be based on his 6 inch Titanium design) Prowl and Jetfire, both of whom are based on their Henkei / Classics / Universe versions. Check out the images by clicking on the link above, or the title of this story for our mirror.

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  1. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    Kabaya will be releasing a new wave of candy and Transformers box sets.

    The new wave will consist of mini versions of Ultra Magnus (based on Titanium design), Prowl and Skyfire (based on their Henkei designs).

    November 2010 release.

    Rakuten link.

  2. nemisispringer's Avatar nemisispringer says

    wow that magnus looks cool specially for people who wanted a wst magnus lol i wonder what colour the final product will be seen as the chest on the side of the box is diffrent to the preview pics

  3. Chump's Avatar Chump says

    Those things look cool. Where is a reputable place that I can order these from?

  4. Galva-Cannon's Avatar Galva-Cannon says

    Originally Posted by Fit For natalie View Post
    Wait, is that their take on Titanium Ultra Magnus?
    Yes, that's seriously weird. It looks to have the same transformation, and even the chest sticker is copied from the Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus. It has the small red square, rather than the fully red chest of the toy/cartoon, and it has those yellow circles in exactly the same place.

    I would have thought they'd have made it based on the G1 toy, like the little Convoy figure.

    Looks cool though. I love these things.

  5. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Originally Posted by Fort Max View Post
    Those are really not bad, how small are they?
    About 2-3 cm tall, IIRC.

  6. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Originally Posted by Sol Fury View Post
    About 2-3 cm tall, IIRC.
    Cool, cheers dude.

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