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  1. Gilgamesh's Avatar Gilgamesh says


    A very good alternative to drift, if you can only get one.

  2. NCStarscream's Avatar NCStarscream says

    Nice review! I knew ahead of time I only wanted to get this mold once, though, and I picked Drift. That gun is epic, though.

  3. Autobotic9's Avatar Autobotic9 says

    Love the way the pistols attach to form the little sniper stand legs (??). Will get.

  4. DJW107PRIME's Avatar DJW107PRIME says

    Very cool can't wait to get him and let him chill with City Commander, Defender & hopefully Protector a Perceptor. Now if hasbro would just give us Kup.

  5. NGW's Avatar NGW says

    Nice review.

    Not a big fan of Blurr (outside of Animated), but my girl digs him. Probably pick this one up for her.

    Funny enough, just before you started going on about how much you loved the headsculpt...I was thinking just how ugly and horrible I think it is. I dunno just the size of his head, with all the stuff stacked up over the face and stuff, it just looks bad IMO.

    Still, the Drift mold is an incredible figure, so regardless the character, the thing is worth owning in some way.

  6. soldierstar has no avatar! soldierstar says

    Way too chunky for Blurr especially in the shoulders but yeah your right about the paint job, weapons, and head sculpt. Great changes that give him his own personality so I will acquire on sight.

  7. Hiraga's Avatar Hiraga says

    Thanks for the review. Can't wait to add this guy to my quickly growing Classics collection.

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