An in-hand look at Jet Pack / Hydrodive Bumblebee


A friend of 2005 Boards member Feralstorm (owner of one of the most awesome Transformers Animated signature artworks out there) has shared some images of this little piece of awesome that is Jet Pack Bumblebee, aka Hydrodive Bumblebee. As you may or may not be aware, Hydrodive Bumblebee was designed with the intention of producing a version of Bumblebee who would be better in scale with the rest of the Animated Autobot cast, his Deluxe toy being a bit too large, and his Activator being a little too small. He will be sold as a Voyager Class toy because he includes a big jet pack / minisub that he can attach to in either mode.

But enough about the accessory, on to the toy! These images show this variation of Bumblebee without the accessory pack, focusing on the little guy in all his glory. As well as the nice finish, you can get a sense of the refinements in the design and transformation, to give you a Bumblebee toy that is accurate in both modes, without the backpack that the Deluxe toy had.

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  1. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    A Japanese friend recently got a good look at this toy at that traveling "TF Museum" event. Shiny.

    (pics mirrored so I won't be pointing out his pic account to the world.)

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  2. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    I can't put my finger on it, but now that we've finally seen closer pics of the actual toy..... it seems a little disappointing somehow.

    ...and should this be moved to News and Rumors?

  3. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    Looks something like a halfway-point between the Deluxe and Activator designs to me, If it's also about halfway in size, I'm all for it.

    I could do without the gold-tone though, but that wouldn't stop me from getting the toy ('specially if it's the ONLY way to get the toy)

  4. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Color i can get over... but in the absence of such clear pictures, i'd expected 'something' more substantially different from the Deluxe... although at the same time i really can't articulate *what* i expected of it in terms of difference.

    Right now, i'm wondering about cancelling my preorder.

  5. Harbinger's Avatar Harbinger says

    he doesnt seem too bad, i just wish he wasnt so shiny to match my other animated bees

  6. axiom has no avatar! axiom says

    It looks good, I (like others) don't like the shiny, but also the light piped eyes make them look too dark, makes Bee kinda lose his childish character. Also, the vehicle has been "squared off" a bit from his animated model. Still, if the price is right I will get this. I prey for a non-shiny US release though.

  7. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    Looks good, but I wish Hasbro would release him so he would be yellow instead of shiny gold.

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