New Transformers Prime Character Images


Check out some images of the Transformers Prime cast in all their glory! We’ve got group shots, robot and vehicle mode shots, and even a nice group shot of four of the main Autobots together (seen at left). Included are images of Bumblebee in both modes, Cliffjumper and the Decepticon Trooper in vehicle mode, Ratchet in robot mode, human companion Rafael “Raf” Esquivel, and last but by no means least, a close up view of Megatron himself!

All of these are from – the website for the new joint Hasbro / Discovery television network set to launch 10/10/10, where Transformers Prime will make its debut. Call your cable company and make sure you will be getting it if you don’t already have Discovery Kids in your line up!

Looking for Transformers Prime images? Check our TF Prime Character Pages, some Prime Screen Shots, or you can check our Transformers Prime pics at Google Images.[/SIZE][/B]

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  1. NGW's Avatar NGW says

    They dubbed Deltora Quest for the US?

    Fuck yeah! Loved the books as a kid, looking forward to it.

    Oh and the Prime pic is pretty cool.

  2. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    That might be the first design for Ratchet I've ever actually liked unconditionally.

    Could their paragraph have been any more calculated to piss off the stereotypical "robots > humans" fan though? "More human drama than ever before!"


    i wonnder who the red bot is standing next to the two humans. ive warmed to the designs now. megatron looks aswome. very evil!

  4. grimlock1972's Avatar grimlock1972 says

    nice stuff and cliffjumper has red from Fraggle rock in the picture lol

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