Wheelie’s Back In Transformers 3


Nelson mentioned two more tidbits about the upcoming third Transformers movie at Shoot For The Edit.

“Uhm…. silver Benz is a car that Carly drives, and no Jeep Rollbar.

Wheelie (or Wheels like Bay likes to call him) is in.”

When asked… “I understand the Silver Benz is a car she drives but why has it on site with all the other Autobots?” by a S4TE Member, Nelson replied…
Because they carry all the cars with them to the different sets. They don’t send the car[Silver Mercedes] back to LA just because they’re not using it anymore.”

Many fans correctly guessed that the “Sliver” Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is actually Carly’s car based on the Milwaukee Filming.

With this, we do know one thing; If you happen to spot “Wheels” rolling across the End Credits… Yes, that would be “Wheelie“.

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  1. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    I still want to know where he kept disappearing to in ROTF....

  2. TFfan08's Avatar TFfan08 says

    From what happened in previous episodes ( ''Rush'' and Mercedes ''Q''). We can't trust what you report. just joking.

  3. Thundercrackah has no avatar! Thundercrackah says

    Wheelie coming back is a slight surprise, I thought he would contract Joltacade syndrome and vanish.

  4. SilverOptimus's Avatar SilverOptimus says

    Originally Posted by FanimusMaximus View Post
    The picture makes me LOL
    I made that. Glad you guys like it

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