Toys’R’Us Exclusive Powercore Combiner Bundles – Surprise, Fans Still Not Happy


Thanks to Internet Personality Vangelus, also the host of the WTF@TFW Podcast, not to mention Canada’s True Savior, has discovered an auction on Ebay for upcoming Powercore Combiner Bundle packs, which include a 5-pack set along with a regular scout and Mini-Con figure set. The set is being sold by ebay seller rjacks25.

This is great news for those of you who have yet to experience the most amazing feeling ever by opening one of these sets, combining the incredible figure with the incredible drones, and then tormenting members of your family as if you’ve been posessed by Transformer demons.

Others, however, still feel the need to express their discontent with Hasbro for making these figures. Even though the box clearly states, “INCREDIBLE VALUE!”, it seems as if Hasbro is going to have to make a huge marketing push to get collectors to step outside of their comfort zone!

There is no information on release dates, if there are other sets besides the Skyburst with Aerialbots and Searchlight set, or if your reputation as a Transformers fan is ruined with each purchase.

Please feel free to discuss this story in the link. In the meantime, I’m going to make all new combinations of awesomeness.

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  1. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    ^ Intriguing. That's a good way to get people sold on the central PCC gimmick.

  2. Waverider's Avatar Waverider says

    Looks looks like the leader class bundles from late last year.

  3. Vangelus's Avatar Vangelus says

    I'm really into the idea conceptually, especially if it involves giving you the 'other' Aerialbot torso. As Anguirus said, this is like offering the whole PCC gimmick in one shot.

    I mean I'm not as into it as I could be since I already got them, but it's a good sentiment, haha

  4. Brainchild's Avatar Brainchild says

    Hey, it's the return of the yellow Camshaft tube that they jammed onto ROTF Leader class figures around Christmas. That always makes me happy.

  5. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    I've never even seen one of these "bonus figure" packages in person.

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