Toys ‘R Us Exclusive Animated Rodimus Minor and Ironhide Cybertron Mode Out at US Retail


Prepare yourself to be frustrated by the hunt…again. Marvin16z of our 2005 Boards reports finding the Toys ‘R Us exclusives Animated Rodimus Minor and Ironhide Cybertron Mode at the Toys ‘R Us in Burbank, California.

Upon finding the figures, enjoy the purchase as these may very well be the last two Animated figures released on American soil. On that note, check out picture proof (Michael Bay, shaky cam style) of the sighting by clicking on the thumbnail to the left.

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  1. Marvin16z's Avatar Marvin16z says

    Found these @ TRU Burbank, CA

    Animated IronHide
    Animated Rodimus Minor

    Didn't pick them up as Grimlock was there too. Only got picture of IronHide.

  2. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    Oh snap, indeed.

    need the item number so we can call and pester our stores.

  3. Tiller's Avatar Tiller says

    OH SHI-

    Gentlemen, start your engines. We got to beat the scalpers. It's going to be Arcee all over again.

    Bonus: MP Grimlock could also be in the store.

  4. Sy-Rein's Avatar Sy-Rein says

    I hope so as well. I have a friend in the US looking for these for me.

  5. Bgrngod's Avatar Bgrngod says


    Today was NOT the day for all these sightings to happen. I'm so not prepared.

  6. Marvin16z's Avatar Marvin16z says

    I think scalpers beat you out to it, when I was there Only 1 of each where instock.... MP GRIMLOCK is there too, but they were not stocked yet, there is no room for it in burbank, I just got mine out of a loading cart. they are still in closed boxes.

  7. MrFX's Avatar MrFX says

    Hope I can find these guys when I return...I might actually have to miss out on a TF or two.

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