New Voyager Fallen and Highbrow Images, Highbrow has Battlemask


KOToys has posted a gallery of the upcoming Transformers Voyager Class Highbrow. This all-new Autobot has a World War II bomber mode, and these new images reveal that true to his Biggles-inspired robot mode, he features a flip down battlemask to emulate a pilot putting on flight goggles.

Also posted on KOToys are images of The Fallen with the new spear accessory and the removable face mask. These images show Fallen both with and without the facemask, so you get a nice look at The Fallen after he has “given Optimus Prime his face”.

Check out our mirror of all the images by clicking on the title of this story.

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  1. avmercenary's Avatar avmercenary says

    Looks pretty cool, I'm wondering what the repaints colors will be...

  2. Auto Morph's Avatar Auto Morph says

    Still can't make my mind up on him. Nearly everything about him is awesome, just those propeller engine wrists really bother me...

  3. The_Black_Sheep's Avatar The_Black_Sheep says

    They nailed that altmode! Luv it! The placement of the propellers in botmode is quite unique but there's something about his head - It kinda reminds me of Iron Man...

  4. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    Wow, so the aviator goggles become goggles? That's pretty surprising. Thought it would only be a design choice.

  5. MekaGojira3k's Avatar MekaGojira3k says

    haha! I love it! Should I have the extra cash on hand, I'm totally getting HIghbrow!

  6. Kraken's Avatar Kraken says

    Aww, I'm actually quite disappointed in his head sculpt now, the Bot-Con pics made it look like he was sporting a cocky smirk, now we can see it's just a breathing mask thing. Shame. Apart from that small disappointment, I still think Highbrow is f-ing awesome, can't wait to get my hands on him.

    EDIT: Just realised, with his mask down, it looks like he's got bunny teeth. I'm not sure if that's awesome or not...

  7. Toxicon has no avatar! Toxicon says

    Man this guy looks so freaking cool. Love the battle mask. Definitely gonna make it a point to pick him up.

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