Megatron Returns for Transformers 3


Where would Optimus Prime be without his archenemy, Megatron? Fortunately that’s not a question we will need to answer just yet, because courtesy of the 2005 Heads on a Stick desk, we have an image of a prop used during the Transformers 3 filming in Chicago featuring the evil Decepticon leader’s noggin! Like all the props we have been seeing, this is to assist the actors in acting and reacting to the robots who will be CGI’ed in later during post-production.

Maybe it is not much of a surprise that Megatron is returning for Transformers 3, since he was seen fleeing with Starscream at the end of Revenge of the Fallen. But this sighting confirms that Megatron will also be present in some form during the battle in Chicago alongside the other characters already seen on set in prop form or the form of stunt cars.

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  1. Mr knightmare has no avatar! Mr knightmare says

    Megatron is 100% back for TF3

    Well it looks like he fixed his face from being blown up by Prime.

    This also means that Megatorn is alive and kicking during the Chikago battle which is probably near the end of the movie.

  2. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    If Megatron is going to play any significant role in the movie, i doubt that's his final face, but who knows.

  3. G1_Cindersaur has no avatar! G1_Cindersaur says

    megatron was walking and seen flying away at the end of ROTF with unless they do a passing mention of some con capping his ass and taking over...he willl be back.

  4. SKowl's Avatar SKowl says

    Originally Posted by JetRaid View Post
    DAMN! I was kind of hoping for a 2 face thing.
    C'mon, these movies barely have continuity from one scene to the next, let alone one movie to the next.

    Still, glad Megs is back and, so far, unchanged. It will be quite cool to finally have Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave all in the same movie (and probably the same place, too!)

  5. TFfan08's Avatar TFfan08 says

    If that is final movie design, I always liked Megatron's head from the first movie.

  6. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    Yay, good to see him back like that. I see no reason to change his form once again.

    We've seen bots heal/get repaired from alot of serious damage so I don't see why his face and arm couldn't be fixed.

    Here's hoping he gets a new Leader size toy that's way better than the ROTF one!

  7. MekaGojira3k's Avatar MekaGojira3k says

    Originally Posted by SKowl View Post
    C'mon, these movies barely have continuity from one scene to the next, let alone one movie to the next.
    XD. Well said. Honestly I didn't expect Bay to put Megs or Screamer in this one.

    "We have Soundwave and this dude Shockwave...aren't they the same thing?"

  8. Defenestrator's Avatar Defenestrator says

    I think its totally lame how they made his body into some $17 early bird hotel should have stayed as a tank, or better yet a cannon! at least they seen to have gone back to the first movie-head, which is cool.

  9. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Since that's his movie one head design, I wouldn't say this head prop is a 100% accurate depicition of his third movie design, but since both look more or less similar...

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