MichaelBay.com Updates – More Transformers 3 Interviews, Images And Bayhem


Michael Bay’s Official Website has been updated with more info, videos and images from the Chicago set of Transformers 3. We have seen some of the stuff right here at TFW2005 few days ago, but given that this is an official update it must go up. Special Thanks to all the Original Posters of 2005 Boards.

Before we begin, SPOILER WARNING : The following articles may contain various plot details.

The article “Chicago’s Transformers Business Experience” mainly talks about how Chicago was benefited from the filming of TF3 there.

The next article “Shooting For The Edit on Wacker Drive” is a video showing-off some super awesome “Bayhem”. You can enjoy it below :

Number #3 : “The Chicago Tribune Talks to Michael Bay” is an interview with Director Michael Bay.

“On the Transformers 3 Set with Michael Bay” is the official “making-of” video we’ve seen before. But this is not the Extended Edition.

Again, we have another Michael Bay interview at “ABC7 Chicago Interviews Michael Bay”.

Next we have an image of Director Michael Bay using the Apple iPad. Nelson says that the Transformers 3 Animatics are loaded to the device. Visit “Michael Bay Using the iPad 3G” to see it.

Finally it’s Mr. Bay himself telling his thoughts about the city of Chicago via the article “Michael Bay’s Thoughts on Chicago”.

Transformers 3 is set to release on 1st of July, 2011 worldwide.

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  1. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    I love Mike gets right in there. And was that a soldier landing on a TF to shoot it?

    This is barely teasing we see all this filming but without the effects or even context we don't know what's going on.

  2. TFfan08's Avatar TFfan08 says

    If you didn't noticed, it says Rosie Huntington's role is Mikaela banes?

  3. jamjam101's Avatar jamjam101 says

    Originally Posted by TFfan08 View Post
    If you didn't noticed, it says Rosie Huntington's role is Mikaela banes?
    yea i noticed that. i don't think the mass media know that it's Carly. Nelson has already confirmed that

  4. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    I bet this battle is even bigger than Mission City in TF1.

  5. Bumblethumper's Avatar Bumblethumper says

    They really turned that city into a war zone.

    How they managed to have those guys right in the middle of so many explosions and flipping cars in that last scene without anyone getting hurt is beyond me. Well, I assume no one got hurt.

  6. RipCurl's Avatar RipCurl says

    the part when bumblebee drifts with the autobots behind him and sam and carly run out was awesome. Thats obv when they are gonny TRANSFORM

  7. grimlock1972's Avatar grimlock1972 says

    LOL @ sam and carly using a bus shelter for cover in a fire fight. its a fail on many levels:

    1. no protection from enemy fire, would not likely be even its is human vs human. Bullet resistant glass ain't cheap so i can't see who ever has to pay for those things in a city paying more than for something like car safety glass which might stop a pistol round but would not stop military grade ammo let alone what ever the Decepticons use.
    2. they can still see you XD
    3. buses don't make stops in war zones

    awesome stuff though.

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