First Clear Look At Transformers 3 Shockwave and Soundwave


We have with us the first up-close look at the face of Shockwave from Transformers 3. Accompanying him is none other than Soundwave; the Decepticon Communications Officer.

We’ve seen both “faces” before, but this is the closest image so far.

Check it out, by clicking on the Thumbnail.

“Two Waves Are Better Than One!!!”

The source, mtoeset on Flickr, also has some images of the actors on set, the special effects representing the devastation, and the vehicles on set (specifically the red Ferrari, Ratchet, Sideswipe and Bumblebee). Check out all the images by clicking on the link, or click on the title of this story for our mirror of the most interesting images.

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  1. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Shockwave is just pure awesome. Soundwave is awesome, too, I'm guessing that's his robot mode head and not his satellite mode head.

    He's got a toothy mouth. And I'm totally fine with that. Nowhere is it written he shouldn't have one. (he did in the Marvel comics) I like that his head is very old Soundwave-ish with the forehead crest and "ears."

    Most of all, I like that I can look at this head designs and immediately recognize them as who they are.

  2. Waveride's Avatar Waveride says

    I just hope he has those sonic wave blasters we've seen in a concept art for ROTF. Oh and he had a mouth in ROTF also while in satellite mode so no need to panic.

  3. Hobbes-timus Prime's Avatar Hobbes-timus Prime says

    I hope the end battle has Prime like, "Sam - watch out for Soundwave!"
    And Shia's all "I thought I was!"
    "No, that's Shockwave. That's Soundwave over there."
    "I'm still confused."

  4. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    Shockwave's head design looks awesome! I like Soundwave's, too; it will be interesting to see their full robot designs/alt modes.

  5. Starscreamownz's Avatar Starscreamownz says

    Wow. Seeing Shockwave's head design makes me think of him using the voice of the Marvin robot from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Just more angry and less depressed.

  6. Waveride's Avatar Waveride says

    I knew it wasn't Bumblebee next to Soundwave in that other shot i had posted, now we know who the mysterious head on a stick is!

  7. bellpeppers's Avatar bellpeppers says

    Originally Posted by SPLIT LIP View Post
    Most of all, I like that I can look at this head designs and immediately recognize them as who they are.
    Shockwave- pretty much.

    Soundwave- I don't see it.

    But that's o.k.- these aren't G1 characters so they don't have to look like the originals.

  8. GAUGE's Avatar GAUGE says

    I'm sorry But SHOCKWAVE'S HEAD Design looks simply atrocious, it looks to much like some kind of Crustation. maybe he'll be like some kind of Crab thing in the movie like an Invid Shock Trooper or something.

    He looks like he's got Megatron Hemet on the brain, and why does even he have a mouth? *sigh* It'd better look better in the final design. Shockwave has always been my most favored Decepticon while his counterpart Jetfire has always been my favorite Autobot and look at how crappy he was as a movie character.

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