New Images Of Classics/Universe 2010 3-Pack : Rodimus, Cyclonus And Galvatron


Another toy news, This time for a Classics/Universe 2010 3-Pack : Rodimus, Cyclonus And Galvatron.

Dennis736 of has posted an image for this new 3-Pack containing Rodimus, Cyclonus And Galvatron.

This 3-Pack will be available at the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) material-entertainment fair held on 30th July to 3rd August, 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. For more info, visit Giga Hobby Blog.

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  1. Triggerhappy's Avatar Triggerhappy says

    well this took forever to appear!

    I think I like Galvatron tho

  2. Beastbot X's Avatar Beastbot X says

    That's looking pretty nice. I wish they would have overhauled Galvatron and made him more purple, but I'll be picking up this set even though I have all of their original releases.

  3. bariprime's Avatar bariprime says

    Galvatron arctic camo? Other than that, I like Rodimus and Cyclonus. Might buy it if it has a reasonable price.

  4. Venksta's Avatar Venksta says

    I dig the Rodimus and Cyclonus repaint. Don't care for Galvatron, but will get this set.

  5. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Color blocking on Galvatron is nearly as bad as on Roddy.

    Cyclonus not so bad.

  6. Automorpher has no avatar! Automorpher says

    Da#n! Rodimus isn't anywhere "pink" as what he was the last time.

    Now, I'm skipping the set UNLESS I get a Pink Rodimus! *Clench fists!*

  7. Bass X0's Avatar Bass X0 says

    Can we now put an end to the "painted windows Rodimus is a KO" claims?

  8. cheetorBWORG's Avatar cheetorBWORG says

    So, since this is finally official, where's the pre-orders? I missed out of these molds the first time.

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