Speed Stars Stealth Force Released in the Philippines


Word is coming in that the first couple vehicles of the new Speed Star Stealth Force has been spotted in a Toys R Us in Robinsons Place Meto East Mall – Pasig City, PHILIPPINES. These heavily armored transforming cars look to be an interesting way to spice up your RPM or other non-robot car collection.

Click on the above picture to see the difference between stealth mode and attack mode.

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  1. yuujin-mikeru's Avatar yuujin-mikeru says

    I spotted this last Wednesday (July 14) at the Toy Town in Eastwood City Mall - Libis, Quezon City PHILIPPINES but wasn't able to take pictures. I was on my weekly toy run earlier today and spotted these again, this time at the Toys R Us in Robinsons Place Meto East Mall - Pasig City, PHILIPPINES.

    Speed Stars Transformers Stealth Force Megatron and Gears (Php 999.75/ approx $21 USD)

    Stealth mode.

    Megatron, attack mode.

    Gears, attack mode. I wish the ROTF - Deluxe Gears was this color

    and Speed Stars Transformers "GIANT" Lights and Sounds Bumblebee (Php 1299.75/ approx $27.50 USD)

  2. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    They're smaller then I expected, perhaps the size of actual deluxes.

  3. Jarodimus's Avatar Jarodimus says

    Assuming you mean the Stealth Force toys: From seeing them in the case at BotCon, I'd say they're definitely bigger than the typical Deluxe vehicle. Maybe not quite up to Voyager size, but close.

  4. Sage o' G-fruit's Avatar Sage o' G-fruit says

    That Gears is pretty cool. Not so sure about the others though.

  5. jon3pnt0's Avatar jon3pnt0 says

    SWEET! I auditioned for the Stealth Force commercials the very DAY I left for BotCon! I also got to see the pre-production commercial before they finalized the voiceover! Commercials look pretty sick! One was for Stealth Force and the other was for the Bumblebee racetrack.

  6. Brainchild's Avatar Brainchild says

    Weird, I found one of those small Bumblebees at a Walmart yesterday.

  7. NCStarscream's Avatar NCStarscream says

    I saw the Stealth Force toys at Target today. I've been wrong before, but these seem doomed to failure. I was bored after flipping the switch once. If they could transform and have pop-out weapons maybe it'd be a different story.

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