Real Life Transformers a Step Closer to Reality


We’re moving a step closer to having real life Transformers among us! The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has developed this robot, barely thicker than a sheet of paper. It can only transform into two forms, a boat and a paper plane, at this time, but the hopes are that this can eventually be developed to provide larger scale transforming tools and equipment.

Could real life Transformers be far away – or failing that, masked crusaders, doing overtime, fighting crime? Check out the original report over at the Daily Telegraph online.

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  1. Skyjack has no avatar! Skyjack says

    Originally Posted by soundfire prime View Post
    what could possibly go wrong?
    transform and fold out!!!

  2. doomtron's Avatar doomtron says

    Originally Posted by Spin-Out View Post
    ... We're all gonna die.
    lmao seriously though thats pretty cool. robots that flow like mercury that is terminator creepy

  3. Chevluh has no avatar! Chevluh says

    If I have to be killed by a crazy pentagon drone, I damn well expect it to a faithful Optimus Prime replica. Good work, mad scientists, you're on the right track!

  4. Aernaroth's Avatar Aernaroth says

    I could have sworn this exact story was published a year or two ago. Guess they've made some huge advances between now and then with the concept.

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