Botcon 2010 Hasbro Designers Panel


Legends Size Class
– G1 Optimus Prime
– G1 Starscream
– G1 Megatron
(a variation of the original gun, can be held by Masterpiece Starscream)
– G1 Prowl
All will have rub symbols

Scout Size Class
– G1 Windcharger
(will have flip-out magnet weapons, can hold Generations Darkmount and Movie Recon Ironhide weapons)

Deluxe Class
– Skullgrin (Darkmount redeco, has a new ram-style head)
– Scourge (G1, stealth jet, white in color, head elevates in vehicle mode, gun is a mixture of his G1 head-gun and his Targetmaster gun, NOT A TARGETMASTER TOY!
– WFC Cliffjumper (repaint of WFC Bumblebee, Cliffjumper will have “devil horns”)
– Thunderwing (G1, has detachable drone which does not transform)
– Tracks (has a car and flying-car mode)
– Jazz (has car speakers that pop out of his vehicle mode)
– Perceptor (slightly based on Animated design, will be redeco’d in to REFLECTOR, chest opens to ‘scan things’)

Other size toys
– Grapple (Universe 2.0 Inferno redeco/remold, will come with crane)
– Lugnut (new mold, WWII style bomber, looks amazing, very bulky)
– The Fallen repaint (shown in previous pictures, blue in color)

Powercore Combiners
– Heavytread with Groundspike
– Skyhammer with Airlift (Skyhammer resembles Misfire/Triggerhappy)
– Five pack of Constructicons (Steamhammer is main ‘bot)
– Dinobot set (Grimstone, transforms in to “THE BEAST”, lolz)

Original 13 Transformers
– Alpha Trion (can see past, present, and future, has pen and a book)
– Liege Maximo (ram-styled horns)
– Vector Prime (gold armor, has swords and an hourglass, overseer of time and space)
– Prima (first prime, all white, “Warrior of Light”, sword has the Matrix as the hilt)
– Megatronus (black and red, “Warrior of Darkness”, fusion cannon, Megatron-esq … duh)
– “The Fallen” (figure out which one of the previous listings lights themselves on fire and changes their name)

Other Things
– Upcoming “Kup” toy, no details
– Open to third party properties becoming toys, ie: War For Cybertron, IDW Drift, etc., but cannot disclose any information
– Designers have a desire to do more humans and cassettes in toylines
– Aaron Archer wants to revisit Beast Wars again, especially after Dinobot’s induction in to the Hall of Fame
– Hasbro won’t reveal identity of Movie Ferarri car
– No plans for larger Powercore Combiners yet, offhand remark about WST combiners
– Stay tuned for details on more “female Transformers toys”
– Takara-Tomy most likely not making new toys for Animated
– “Blue Classics Bumblebee” is not a Hasbro product
No Transformers: Prime toys as of yet, only a television show
– Desire to do a Wheeljack toy
– “Airachnid” … stay tuned
– “If War For Cybertron toys sell well, we’ll do more of them, Starscream on the short list of desired WFC toys to release”
– No plans for “Last Stand of the Wreckers” toys
– “Brave” toys from Japan … Hasbro would have to acquire a license, so very unlikely, plus toys are very dated
– Haven’t forgotten Trailbreaker
– Fosterlager has an unhealthy obsession with female cosplayers

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  1. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Botcon 2010 Hasbro Designers Panel - Transformers News

    Upon talking with the TFW2005 crew at the convention, Hasbro did not have any "not yet seen toys" to display in the case, or if they do, they're waiting until the absolute last second of the convention (which is pretty unlikely). Thus, all the pictures seen up to today are all the pictures we're going to get this year.

    Here's to July 22nd at San Diego Comic Con for some new images hopefully!

  2. GreenScream's Avatar GreenScream says

    Woo hoo! Lets do this!

    Come on Hasbro, lets see some good stuff today.

  3. frenzyrumble has no avatar! frenzyrumble says

    this will be good. Was one of the few things I was REALLY looking forward to.

  4. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    I hope they have plenty to make up for yesterday's recap of what's coming panel.

  5. Toxicon has no avatar! Toxicon says

    Originally Posted by Fort Max View Post
    I hope they have plenty to make up for yesterday's recap of what's coming panel.

  6. Omnius's Avatar Omnius says

    Originally Posted by Eric View Post
    Funny cosplay joke, guys. Haw.
    I'll have to show you some pics from last year's Auto Assembly then!

  7. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Originally Posted by Omnius View Post
    I'll have to show you some pics from last year's Auto Assembly then!
    Cannot even begin to fathom what might be waiting for us this year...

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