More New Toys From Botcon Hasbro Display


Just added to the Hasbro display cases at Botcon 2010 are the following new toys, first viewed in the Hasbro Marketing Review panel just an hour ago! Hit the title or the photo at right to see all the freshness!

Update – Blurr Added. More shots of Terradive and Tomahawk too.

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  1. Yaujta's Avatar Yaujta says

    What the hell is the first one with the two engines??? It has got to be one of the coolest TF's I've ever seen. Seriously.

  2. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    highbrow makes the plane enthusiest inside me VERY happy.....omg is that perfection

    now show me big daddy

  3. Optimus_Prowl's Avatar Optimus_Prowl says

    Where Tomahawk robot mode?

    Otherwise these guys look great. I will definitely pick up all three once they are out.

    Edit: Blurr looks badass! Nice IDW head there as well as the guns.

  4. Sy-Rein's Avatar Sy-Rein says

    Highbrow just went from "yeah, he sounds cool, probably get him" to "INSTA-BUY!" He'll definately be pre-ordered asap to make sure I dont miss out on him.

    Also have Tomahawk pre-ordered, he looks great!

  5. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    Highbrow looks boring to me.


    Blurr's headsculpt is fucking awesome.

    but I gotta ask, wat's with all the autobot alliance stuff? it's on everything, no matter what line it is.

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