BotCon 2011 Location Revealed


At tonight’s Hall of Fame dinner it was revealed that the 2011 BotCon convention will be taking place in Pasadena California once again!

June 2nd through 5th 2011 are the dates you are looking for. Expect updates on the official BotCon site including hotel reservation links shortly!

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  1. Deefuzz's Avatar Deefuzz says

    At tonight's Hall of Fame dinner it was revealed that the 2011 BotCon convention will be taking place in Pasadena, CA June 2nd through 5th

  2. Filo Prime's Avatar Filo Prime says

    Great news!! It makes things a lot easier for those of us who want to travel from Australia
    I might be going to my first Botcon next year!! Hooray!

  3. daelite20's Avatar daelite20 says

    Woohooo!!! Another botcon for me..I'm there. 30 minute drive for me..

  4. Tyrannosaur's Avatar Tyrannosaur says


    Aw dammit, someone said Rhode Island and I got so excited.

    Man BotCon '07 was so much fun, I was hoping for them to return back to RI for RoTF, and then hoping again for TF3. Now there won't be a TF4 as far as I'm concerned.

  5. Tirade's Avatar Tirade says

    Wow, I am shocked. Pasadena again? I may be in CA, but I still think that's unfair to the other fans. I feel so spoiled now. Looks like I can start making plans (and saving money) for BotCon 2011.

  6. AutoCon2076's Avatar AutoCon2076 says

    Wonderful! Another BotCon I get to miss out on! I am stoked that Hasbro would rather have it THREE THOUSAND MILES AWAY from their HQ! That's AWESOME! Philadelphia and New York are right here, but they choose California - Again. Spfft... for those of you who are going, by all means enjoy it. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll choose somewhere on the East Coast in 2012.


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