TFW2005 BotCon 2010 Coverage: RPMs and Speed Stars


TFW2005 has been able to snap some photos of the figures currently in Hasbro’s displays within the confines of the convention area. Quite a few upcoming RPM vehicles are on display, including new, unannounced figures from the basic RPM, Metal Heroes, Cyberhunt, NEST, Double Sider, Revealer, Stealth Force, Road Attack, Robot Rider, and Stunticon titled sublines.

Check out images of the new items by clicking on the thumbnail of Stealth Force Inferno on the left.

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  1. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Love those stealth force toys, I hope the concept does well and they decide to revive MASK.

  2. Dinobot Nuva's Avatar Dinobot Nuva says

    I wanted to get one of each character for the smallest RPM's, but the shoddy distribution for the last few 2-packs stateside kinda ruined that. Wait and see on these new ones, but pass on the stealth force stuff.

  3. grimlock1972's Avatar grimlock1972 says

    ill be collecting the stealth force. as for the rest gifts for my nephews only

  4. Nightrain's Avatar Nightrain says

    Oh primus I shouldn't have clicked this thread. Stealth Force is awesome, and I even want some of the mini cars.

  5. Bigbot3030 has no avatar! Bigbot3030 says

    WOW! the stealth force are really cool! Sometimes i buy toys for me, and sometimes i buy them for "my nephews/Kids i'll have in the future". that whole line will be bought, but now I have to decide for who.... damn choices.

    And the MASK comment is a good one. makes you wonder if they're testnig the waters a bit....


  6. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    Originally Posted by Fort Max View Post
    Love those stealth force toys, I hope the concept does well and they decide to revive MASK.
    we recently learned that MASK is getting a live action movie made, so yea, you can rest at ease

  7. Ash from Carolina's Avatar Ash from Carolina says

    I wasn't crazy about the RPM line when it was just Hotwheels cars with robots on the bottom. But darn that Stealth Force is such a cool tribute to MASK that I've just got to collect the line. Kind of nice the way they seem to be mixing different lines into Stealth Force so if it takes off who knows what sort of cool stuff we might get out of it.

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