New Images of Hunt for the Decepticons Scout Insecticon


KOtoys has posted another Hunt for the Decepticons Scout toy gallery. This time it is Insecticon. Insecticon is loosely modeled on the tiny insects sent to search for Sam during the finale of Revenge of the Fallen. He is due to be released in the second wave of hunt for the Decepticons Scouts alongside Breacher and Oil Pan. Check out our mirror of the images by clicking on the title of this story.

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  1. Bumblethumper's Avatar Bumblethumper says

    Seems decent enough, but I was never a big fan of insect-bots. Too many legs.

    Some good detailing though.

  2. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    Funny little guy. Seems his legs are way more stable than Scalpel's .

  3. Abrogate's Avatar Abrogate says

    It looks alright, but I doubt I'll buy it.

    These pictures show off the fact that Breacher's knees work, though he looks really odd in that pose...

  4. BScorpinok75's Avatar BScorpinok75 says

    Looks ok, but he has lost his spot on my definetly want list.

  5. Omega Charge's Avatar Omega Charge says

    I like this little guy. He's win.

    On my list to get for sure.

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