New Headrobots – Blood and Gyro


We’ve got some mockups of a couple of new HeadRobots that are on the way named Gyro and Blood. We are being told that both come in the same pack, and that they are much more than just new heads.

Blood appears to be a new Bludgeon head, while Gyro looks very much like Whirl. Prototype hardcopy pictures will be coming sometime after BotCon, so stay tuned!

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  1. headrobots's Avatar headrobots says

    Prototype hardcopy pictures will be released after the convention, both kits much more than just new heads.

    Early warning to get the figs while still in stores. (both figs come in the same pack)

  2. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    It seems to be... Whirl? For... the ROTF Blackout-repaint Whirl? Oh, well, he came in a two-pack with Bludgeon, so I see what they did there...

    (EDIT: OP edited while I was expositin'!)

  3. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    Should be interesting. May have to pick up the set now that the price has dropped, and I have a $5 off coupon. Not too interested in Bludgeon (since IMO the voyager is great), but this will hopefully make Whirl look a lot more classicy.

  4. Scantron's Avatar Scantron says

    Eh, if these were intended for Voyager Bludgeon and the upcoming Deluxe Tomahawk, I might consider it, but I can't see buying the Whirl/Bludgeon TRU set for this.

  5. Tirade's Avatar Tirade says

    Hmmm, not particularly interested in this upgrade kit(s). That mold for Bludgeon is solid, but the Voyager one is so much better. Why not a head upgrade for that? While the head isn't bad, I know some would prefer a more G1 feel.

    As for the Whirl, I couldn't give a fudge about that upgrade. I usually love the HeadRobots products (I own so many Cobra HMs), but this seems like a poor offering.

  6. process's Avatar process says

    These heads and their intended host mold are aesthetically incompatible, in my opinion of course.

  7. Shadowbreaker has no avatar! Shadowbreaker says

    I wonder if Gyro head will be in scale with Energon Bulkhead..... (I don't own E. Bulkhead)

    Either way, I might get this for my Whirl. And Bludgeon..

  8. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    I think people are forgetting how small the head on blackout is it could easily be compatible with Deluxe size toys like Tomahawk. Also the bludgeon head could go great on Cybertron unicron. As with any other 3rd party it comes down to price

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