New Images Of Possible Botcon 2010 G2 Firecon Including 1st Look At Robot Mode


2005 boards member S250 has posted new images of what might be a Botcon 2010 exclusive Firecon(the 1st report of this figure surfaced here); a repaint of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron! S250 has mentioned that the clear parts remind him of the G2 Firecons.

Firecon? Something else? Hit the title bar to see for yourself!

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  1. Soundblaster1's Avatar Soundblaster1 says

    That's actually pretty cool. Bonus points for pretty obviously not being the obvious G2 Grimlock repaint.

  2. mx-01 archon has no avatar! mx-01 archon says

    Best guess so far is G2 Cindersaur, ie: the G2 Firecon that didn't exist until now.

  3. TJOmega's Avatar TJOmega says

    That's... still putrid. He looks like a Constructicon trying to put on a Barney costume.

    And I still have no clue who it is and the Megatron helmet is not helping, it's far too iconic to repaint. Didn't we go over this with RiD Bludgeon?

  4. Red Snarl's Avatar Red Snarl says

    Originally Posted by Deceptigtar View Post
    love it!

    any signs of a con or autobot symbol on it?
    There's a yellow outline of the G2 decepticon symbol at the top of his leg in t-rex mode.

  5. metrotitan's Avatar metrotitan says

    yep.....definitely not Grimlock. I'm baffled by the choice here, whatever it is. I think they could have used another recognizable G2 figure. In my opinion, this will be a low point of the otherwise pretty strong set.

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