New Transformers 3 on set pictures – including a clear view of Ratchet’s new look!


A small gallery has been posted to Flickr, showing off the vehicles of Transformers 3 in storage prior to being used on screen. The Ironhide Topkick and the Optimus Prime truck are both there, as is a group of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, used for scouting terrain from the air). What is particularly exciting though is the presence of Autobot Ratchet, in his all-new deco. We previously saw it in transit, but it was partially covered up. Now you can see the whole thing for the first time! Ratchet now features a much brighter green, as well as a large gray stripe on the side panels and an entirely gray hood on his front. His side panels, instead of the “lifesign pulse” detail, now feature the wording “FIRE DEPARTMENT E4”.

What do you think of this new look for Ratchet? Check out the images by clicking on the title of this story, and then share your thoughts on our 2005 Boards by clicking on the discuss button.

UPDATED with more images of presently unknown stunt cars from the previously seen Tilting Office Clip. Mad props to Waveride for bringing these to our attention as well. They’re taken from this Youtube video photo montage.

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  1. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says


    Hopefully they won't just do yet another redeco of the original voyager. we need a new one that actually looks like the character.

  2. TheFallen's Avatar TheFallen says

    I like these colors on ratchet, and what could those drones be for?

  3. Chopperface's Avatar Chopperface says

    Wow. Ratchet looks like the wrapper of lime-flavored toothpaste. Ugly. What have they done to my favorite Autobot besides Ironhide and Prime?

    But it's good to see Ratchet and Ironhide won't be dropped from the film. At least they're in it.

  4. Ops_was_a_truck's Avatar Ops_was_a_truck says

    Ratchet is totally going to become the Wedge of the Transformers movies.

  5. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Originally Posted by Chopperface View Post
    Wow. Ratchet looks like the wrapper of lime-flavored toothpaste. Ugly.
    You seriously think this looks worse than his original deco? I mean, I liked his original deco, but this looks much better, and should make him look a little more doctor-y in robot mode. (which he technically isn't, he's a Medic)

    I like that he's stll fire rescue, instead of trying to make him into some sort of mega-ambulance.

  6. Lock Cade's Avatar Lock Cade says

    Oh wow, that's a better paint scheme than he was in the first two movies! I like it!

  7. AutobotSkids's Avatar AutobotSkids says

    I like the white on Ratchet... Heck, I liked the original deco!

    I'm glad to see him with Optimus Prime and Ironhide. Maybe he'll have more lines this time around.

  8. Opticron Primal's Avatar Opticron Primal says

    Wow....I like that. Definately less busy-looking the the original deco, which I already liked. This looks much cleaner.

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