Giant Scorpion Transformers Toy Mystery Revealed


Two months ago S250 of the 2005 Boards found out that a Giant Scorpion Transformers Figure is due to be released.

Two hours ago S250 Tweeted to let us know that the toy is actually a repaint of Scorponok (Energon).

No words yet about what toy category it will represent. Will it be for the new Generations toy category? Is this the Airachnid trademark Hasbro filed around the same time they trademarked Transformers: Prime? Only time can tell. But in the meantime, do tell us what you think by hitting the Discuss Button.

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  1. mordecai6's Avatar mordecai6 says

    Reading Twitter, I saw the super awesome Mr. S250 tweeted about an upcoming repaint; " for people waiting for the scorpion toy we talked before,disappointed news:it's not a new mold.just Energon Scorponok repaint."
    While I'd rather have a new mold, this also feels one of those frustrantingly simple repaints I wish we'd had earlier. Anyone else excited?

    Here's a link to the tweet:

    Edit: s250 said it's a limited run of 1000. So this makes it even more interesting...might be a Japanese exclusive.


  2. Smokescreen's Avatar Smokescreen says

    I don't have this mold yet so I'd probably get him if he looks decent.

  3. MrSoundmeister's Avatar MrSoundmeister says

    /\ Agreed.

    so yeah,if its going to be the energon scopy mold or the cybertron retool,i guess i depends if its going to be repainted as,maybe a proper black-and-golden zarak.

  4. JazzMeister19 has no avatar! JazzMeister19 says

    I'll get it if it looks good. I never got the Energon mold. Hopefully Hasbro will do another repaint and give me Energon Omega Supreme in G1 colors.

  5. x BlackMagnus x's Avatar x BlackMagnus x says

    Originally Posted by JazzMeister19 View Post
    Hopefully Hasbro will do another repaint and give me Energon Omega Supreme in G1 colors.
    Ohhh, yea. Me wanty!

  6. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Interesting. Depending on how it looks, and where it's available, I might get it. My Decepticons could use another large figure. I'm guessing it'll be a TRU exclusive, though it could potentially be from Walmart or Target.

  7. BScorpinok75's Avatar BScorpinok75 says

    Sweet! I've wondered for so long why they hadn't re-issued Scorpy. Now I wonder who'll be doing an upgrade complete with Headmaster.

  8. Pravus Prime's Avatar Pravus Prime says

    Energon or Cybertron Skorponok? I never got around to getting the Cybertron version of the mold.

  9. grimlock1972's Avatar grimlock1972 says

    I would not mind a G1 repaint of that mold. Black Zarak would be sweet as well.

  10. Triggerhappy's Avatar Triggerhappy says

    I have energon scorponok but if it's g1 colours I'd easily buy that too!

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