Additional War for Cybertron Soundwave and Megatron Images


Check out some additional shots of War for Cybertron Soundwave and Megatron from the Activision WFC Hands on Preview event earlier this week. You can also see our earlier shots here: New War for Cybertron Generations Soundwave and Megatron pics.

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  1. blumpy2000's Avatar blumpy2000 says

    I was really liking Megs, but I think Soundwave might be my favorite WFC figure so far. His butt kibble is a little off, but the rest is nice.

  2. Gilgamesh's Avatar Gilgamesh says

    There's also the possibility that he's a bit mistransformed. Still, even if it isn't, it looks cool.

  3. Bumblethumper's Avatar Bumblethumper says

    Hate the altmode, but Soundwave definitely feels like Soundwave, so that's good. Still wish he had minions, but what can you do.

  4. Roanstalker's Avatar Roanstalker says

    Wow Soundwave looks the best he's been since forever. Instant buy.

  5. x BlackMagnus x's Avatar x BlackMagnus x says

    Is it just me or do Megs feet looks misassembled/backwards? Like belong on the other leg, hmm. Regardless, these mofos are bought on sight! Soundwaves head sculpt is freaking sweet!

  6. G1Wheeljack's Avatar G1Wheeljack says

    I can't wait to get my hands on these, Soundwave looks amazing & I love Megatron's Fusion Cannon.

  7. blumpy2000's Avatar blumpy2000 says

    Looking at Soundwave a second time, I think his alt mode suffers a little like Prime's does. Both the front of Prime and the top of Soundwave both need somthing to break up the large areas of one color.

  8. NCStarscream's Avatar NCStarscream says

    And another figure gets added to my must-have list.

    Even though it's been boring as heck, it's a good thing there's been such an epic lull recently. Funds needed the charging up!

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