Activision UK announces Hunt for the UK’s Biggest Transformers Fan contest


One for those of us in the UK, Activision UK has announced a great contest to celebrate the impending UK launch of Transformers: War for Cybertron – a contest hunting for the UK’s biggest Transformers fan! So if your house is more often compared to a toy shop than a mansion, or if one of your prized possessions is a complete 323 issue run of Marvel UK Transformers comics, this is for you! All you need to do is submit a picture and a 100 word argument of why you are the UK’s biggest fan to Activision to stand a chance of winning the title “the UK’s biggest Transformers fan” and a life-sized drawing of yourself as a Transformer, specially designed by Transformer artist extraordinaire Jon Davis Hunt.

For full details and information, check out the press release by clicking here.

Good luck my fellow UKers!

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  1. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    I wonder how many of us are in the 3000+ toys club ?

    I can't apply as my house is to full to ever display it all at once. so all you'd see at once is a couple of hundred.

  2. David-John's Avatar David-John says

    Oh dear. This I know I cannot win. But best of luck to all you chaps who do enter, and may the biggest nerd win!

    (By that I don't mean the one with the greatest mass of course, although I am sure that they could still win if they want).

  3. underwear-ninja's Avatar underwear-ninja says

    These "biggest fan" contests should really just be renamed "biggest man-child" contests.

  4. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    For the nationwide search, which begins on the 25TH May, a select panel of judges will be looking for the ultimate fan. So if you have every Transformer toy ever made, your home has more in common with a wreckage on Cybertron than a semi-detached house or if you simply love dressing up as your favourite character, let us know as the winner of the ultimate fan competition will win a life-sized drawing of themselves as a Transformer, specially designed by Transformer artist extraordinaire Jon Davis Hunt, a fantastic prize for any Transformer fan.

    I'm all about the toys and I barely care about the other area's so I guess I'm not a 'Real Fan' anyway (chuckle) as I don't have a clue who Jon Davis Hunt is.

    I wonder if those people who already have got their Toys on TV (Channel 4's 'Collectors lot' for example) have a hope or are still in the fandom.

    One was some Dinobot obsessive Girl I think she has her own clique somewhere people more active in the fandom than me probably know who I mean - here online name is Raksha or something like that....

    And the other fella I forget but I remember he's got a Grand Maximus and the other super rare Japanese items Like the Dinocassettes and the Headmasters like Kirk and he had some Diaclone Dinobots too..

    Can't remember his name though..


    It sounds like the person that wrote that was not aware that it's actually probably borderline literally 'Impossible' to own every transformer ever made. There's to many Takara Share holder toys, Lucky Draws, competition and campaign toys for that - and then people always seem to forget that there's Transformers made outside Europe, USA and Japan that people seem to forget to count at all but are still Transformers.

    Not to mention what counts as 'A Transformer' - how you count things and what counts as one is one of the harder questions to answer...

    So It is possible to own all Transformers released at retail in a single country - but more than that is doubtful in the extreme I've got several Thousand of them and I'm still well aware of the gaps I have in even retail releases... Like I don't own Trypticon or Blaster or Reflector for example.

  5. BlitzFire's Avatar BlitzFire says

    bad ass contest but i think the least they could have done as a prize was provide a copy of the game itself lol

  6. Mister Gone's Avatar Mister Gone says

    Originally Posted by Sso02V View Post
    Come on guys, you already know it's gonna be a 12 year old kid.
    I would love it if it was some 43 year old shut it that email bombed the entires and showed up with a Meghan Fox tattoo and a Bumblebee helmet and quoted all the worst lines from the movies, won. Add a home made, plush, leg-humping Wheelie to that out fit and you have a winner .

    I sure hope a 12 year old kid wins it becuase i could really see my little horror story happening

  7. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    I guess it could be like a Blue Peter Competion where the least worthy automatically win everything.

    I suppose they'd want a well rounded fan who's interested in lots of things rather than someone who is just obsessed with the Bayiverse or Transformers cartoons.

    I guess they'll decide who to pick on who's best for how they want to market the winner...

    Like how some random little kid won the Bus Transformer competion in the newspaper.

    Adults probably have a slightly higher chance with this one as Videogames are seen as more adult - at least by Videogame developers & Publishers and adult fans - not the public mind.

    So they might see some worth in not giving the prize to an 8 year old... the winner has to be of at least the age the game is rated at I'd guess.

    Though there's an extraordinary lack of complicently with age ratings or guidelines in the U.S. as anyone who's been stuck playing Gears of War 2 with sweary 12 year olds will attest.

    I think a 13 or 15 year old might be picked if they don't come across as insane.. I can't see the UK equivellent of the Hartman's getting it though.

  8. Rotorstorm's Avatar Rotorstorm says

    I'm not really bothered about this competition, wouldn't win anyway as my collection isn't much past 200 and it's going to be downsized. I'm more interested in knowing what store is going to carry shockwave and jazz.

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