Transformers 3 Location Update: Space Coast, Florida (Update)


Space Coast, Florida updated their Twitter account to let us in on an upcoming shooting for Transformers 3.

“Transformers 3 to film on Florida’s Space Coast! Filming to begin September 2010!”

As we all know, this is where the Kennedy Space Center is.

UPDATE: Got the confirmation from the Kennedy Space Center that it will be the main location for the TF3 Shooting.

Brevard County Film Commissioner Bonnie King tells Central Florida on Demand that filming will last about 8 days in early September. She says location scouts have visited the area for 2-3 days at a time, looking at other areas to shoot. Those include Patrick Air Force Base, Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, Merritt Island Airport, Lone Cabbage Fish Camp in Cocoa, and a Cocoa beach house. Scouts also checked out some swamps and went into the woods.

Transformers 3 producers will be looking to cast extras from Florida’s Space Coast as well.

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  1. Autobot Burnout's Avatar Autobot Burnout says

    This could mean a number of things, although being that a whole lotta rockets are launched in that area makes me think Optimus is gonna get strapped to a really large rocket, possibly an old Saturn V model.

  2. ALLAN's Avatar ALLAN says

    Maybe we will see a little Space Shuttle Door Gunner action before NASA gets gutted. I will keep my eyes peeled.

  3. eagc7's Avatar eagc7 says

    September? wasnt filming meant to end on july?, Well i guess tf3 wont Be a Hevay GCI Lie kteh ysayed Before (im Happy )

  4. LemonPrime's Avatar LemonPrime says

    I'd love to see Omega Supreme as a NASA crawler transport vehicle. Isn't the final shuttle launch slated for September? Hmm...

    EDIT: Discovery's last launch (second to last overall) is scheduled for September 16th. Could be a small unit filming with some TF3 vehicles in the foreground or something during "pick-up" shooting.

  5. VaderPrime1's Avatar VaderPrime1 says

    Originally Posted by LemonPrime View Post
    I'd love to see Omega Supreme as a NASA crawler transport vehicle.

  6. Swoop Dogg's Avatar Swoop Dogg says

    Please let there be some space vehicle alt modes in TF3. Please!

    Astrotrain (while unlikely to be in TF3) would rock!

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