Brand New Upgraded Twins In Transformers 3


Director Michael Bay was telling the truth after all? The “Revenge Of The Fallen” Twins aren’t the ones who are returning, but rather Brand New Twins. spy report identifies Two new Chevy Sparks with Autobot insignias during pre-production of Transformers 3.

“Sporting “Autobot” center caps on the wheels, these two vehicles were captured doing some pre-production work before principal filming starts in a few weeks. We think you are looking at Skidz (green) and Mudflap (orange).

Read on to get more info and to take a look at the New Twins.

Update on 5-14-2011 (1 year later)

We were contacted today by Paramount directly. They asked us to clarify the following.

[INDENT]The Twins will NOT be in the 3rd film, and that the featured cars are not actually in the movie.[/INDENT] Skidz is looking much sportier than in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with new front and rear fascias, larger fenders, sportier wheels and a big wing. Mudflap was previously based on the Chevy Traxx concept, but for this installment, it appears both cars will be built off the Chevy Spark.

General Motors will once again be the main vehicle supplier for the latest Transformers movie, so expect to see several other GM-badged vehicles, including a black and yellow Chevy Camaro as Bumblebee.”

So, now we know the motive behind Mr. Bay’s comment. He wanted to hush the latest looks of everyone’s favorite Robotic Twins; Skids and Mudflap.

Today is a day dedicated to Skids and Mudflap it seems. Why not add your view regarding the new looks of The Twins by hitting the Discuss Button.

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  1. Jarodimus's Avatar Jarodimus says

    No, sir. The Twins won't be in this movie at all.

    I dig their unified decos!

  2. Sso02V's Avatar Sso02V says

    Oooh, that does look nice. Now they're really identical twins though, with the same alt. mode.

  3. DrLee's Avatar DrLee says

    i love the paint schemes here.... and that they are now the same model of car...

  4. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Interesting. Wasn't expecting them to get an upgrade too (Bay seemed to be happy with how they turned out). Though since the Spark is the only one being produced, it isn't too surprising Mudflap's switch of alt-modes. Hopefully this means Hasbro decides to improve the Deluxe-class mold (like Bee I'll probably have more than on incarnation).

    Can't wait to start seeing the new recruits. Especially the Ferrari.

  5. DrLee's Avatar DrLee says

    Originally Posted by Master Fwiffo View Post
    You mean, Michael Bay wasn't telling the TR00TH???
    We can't handle the truth..... it appears LOL

  6. TJOmega's Avatar TJOmega says

    2 to 1 they're trying to be ninjas... and impale themselves on their own blades.

    Actually this makes sense, now the toys will just be head swapped repaints so even if they shelf warm (looking at you Mudflap) the mold will still get in it's two releases.

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