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Higekuma Toy Blog has updated with image galleries of the newly released Transformers Animated DiaBlock sets. These sets contain an assortment of building blocks that can be put together to make a poseable and fully transformable – without parts swapping! – version of Animated Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. Check out the gallery of Optimus here, Bumblebee here, and some additional images of Bumblebee which also includes a size comparison of both DiaBlock sets alongside an Animated Ratchet here.

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  1. lord ginrai's Avatar lord ginrai says

    Thanks for the link, that looks pretty fun. Way better effort than those Lego-esque bots Hasbro offered during Armada

  2. Dran0n's Avatar Dran0n says

    Those look stupid.

    Though they were better than BTR.

    Though that's like saying getting stabbed in the stomach is better than testicular torture.

  3. SoundMaster's Avatar SoundMaster says

    Prime actually looks pretty damn good in bot mode. Might have to get him.

  4. Rikerwota's Avatar Rikerwota says

    These things are truly, truly terrible...why pay for these rather than get an actual Transformers figure? : /

  5. AniProwl has no avatar! AniProwl says

    Looks better than Build To Rule (Shudders).

    However, there's someone on YouTube that really made exceptional LEGO TF's (particularly from Animated)

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