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Headrobots and High End TFs have announced a new, exclusive recolor of the popular Headrobot Serpent! “Snake” is a very attractive dark blue version of Headrobot Serpent, modeled in homage to Cobra Commander who appeared in one Season 3 episode of Transformers as “Old Snake”. This Headrobot has a new feature – he features additional guns (also to be included in the other Headrobot recolors) which can be mounted on Snake in snake mode, or held in the hand of whoever’s body he becomes the head to. Limited to just 300 pieces, this release comes on a very appealing GI Joe inspired card back. Check out all the images by clicking on the title of this story, and place your order at HighEndTFs.

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  1. Might Gaine's Avatar Might Gaine says

    Highendtfs.com is very happy to offer "Snake", an exclusive
    recolor of the popular Head Robots Cobra. Snake's color scheme is
    inspired by Cobra Commander. It's blue and black with a silver
    faceplate. This item is is being limited to 300 worldwide. Please Note: Limit 2 per person.

    Not only does Snake sport a new color scheme, but he also has a new
    double-barrelled gun, which becomes a hand-held gun for Headmaster
    bodies when Snake is in head mode. The gun also fits Diaclone
    drivers as well, so they can ride Snake in cobra mode.

    These should being arriving by Mid- to Late-May


    I had a lot of fun working on this with Head Robots, so I hope you all enjoy it You can preorder them at my web store. For ease of calculating shipping, I've included the shipping in the price of the item:

    HighendTFs Toy Store: Head Robots "Snake" Exclusive

    (The new gun will also be available with the other two recolors of Head Robots Cobra.)

  2. Jarodimus's Avatar Jarodimus says


    Dammit, how many times are these guys going to talk me into buying this mold?

  3. Transfan2's Avatar Transfan2 says

    Might Gaine,
    Looks pretty cool in blue, like the weapon, and the packaging looks neat too,

  4. Shadowbreaker has no avatar! Shadowbreaker says

    That box art is sweet!

    This is what the Cobra organization used to control the Decepticons when they refused to listen to them........ -My little idea.

    *sigh*..... Wish I had a G1 Headmaster to slap these cobras on.....

  5. Insane Galvatron's Avatar Insane Galvatron says

    That's the only reason I haven't ordered any of these yet. No headless headmasters. I'm gonna order the original from BBTS as soon as I get my store credit. I'll try to get Cobra Snake here soon after I move into my house.

  6. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    thats a genius use of the mold. Now I'm really stuck between this and the black one

  7. drill's Avatar drill says

    A little Cobra sticker on forehead and it will be perfect. I love the box for it.

  8. Bgrngod's Avatar Bgrngod says

    I'm already a little burned out on how many of these have been released in different colors.

    I'm much more interested in seeing new molds from these guys and not new "So rare or hard to come by they will cost you a testicle" repaints.

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