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Board member GenZhao brings us new images of another upcoming TakaraTomy Animated release. This time we get to see a comparison gallery for Prowl in his vehicle and robot modes. Not much has changed from the Hasbro release except for his Autobot insignia, shiny gold paint alongside the motorcycle flaring and nose piece, and now silver headlights.

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  1. Cheez Doodle23's Avatar Cheez Doodle23 says

    Looks pretty good. Don't know about the chrome headlights though... The gold 'chrome' looks kinda cool, although it's not screen accurate. I think I will stick with my original Hasbro release.

    Except for Blackout and any other bot that might not see a State side release.

  2. ersico's Avatar ersico says

    it bothers me that the light is upside down......red should be nearest the cable..........and im liking hasbro mores still

  3. chugway has no avatar! chugway says

    Dunno about red/white but somebody on here (deliciouspeter i fink) did an absolutely stunning beige/black repaint of Prowl.

  4. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    So the front and "wings" are partially chromed, standard 'bot symbol, and ... that's it. How very Henkei of them.

  5. Cekyr0 has no avatar! Cekyr0 says

    oooo, shiny....

    i still hate the traffic lite weapon tho, SO retarded!!

  6. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    Nah, not feeling it...Nice bit thou, on the shiny frontage, but still a ok with my Hasbro Ani Prowl...

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