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Transformers artist extraordinaire Don Figueroa has updated his Deviant Art account with a five page long gallery of Transformers concept sketch goodness! Don’s update runs the gamut of his various Transformers related concepts, from unmade Classics designs like Cosmos and Hound, and Transformers GI Joe Crossover designs, through his designs for IDW’s Stormbringer miniseries, right up to date with the concept artwork for the ongoing series featured on the variant covers of the ongoing and much more besides (like a look at Menasor from the ongoing series!)

Of interest also is a pre-Stormbringer concept of the Decepticon Bludgeon, shown at left, which is very clearly the main inspiration for the recent Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon toy.

Check out all the images by clicking here to visit Don’s Deviant Art Gallery.

What is your favorite image from this update? Which designs from those tagged as “unused concepts” would you like to see revived and given some love in toy form? Discuss all this and share the love for Don’s excellent work on our 2005 Boards by clicking on the Discuss button.

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  1. AniProwl has no avatar! AniProwl says

    Awesome designs and it looks like I think I spotted what could be Megatron's Ongoing design.

  2. Smokescreen's Avatar Smokescreen says

    That Megatron looks fantastic! He makes a great stealth bomber. Unfortunately, it says "Unused design for Megatron" in the artists comments section.

  3. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Originally Posted by Valkysas View Post
    I can't even pretend to be excited.
    That's okay, I'll be excited for you.

    I really dig these designs. Menasor, Omega Supreme and Megatron look especially great though.

  4. Ktulu's Avatar Ktulu says

    His new design style looks like it fit Megatron well but I still can't dig it for the Autobots

  5. Sepultron has no avatar! Sepultron says

    I need a damn toy based on that Motormaster design NOW.

    Oh... and the rest of the Stunticons too.

    So they can merge.

    Into Menasor.


  6. Wheeljack_Prime's Avatar Wheeljack_Prime says

    I sure hope Hasbro has a few ideas about using that Megatron concept somewhere down the road.

  7. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says


    Don mentioned along time ago that he submitted a toy design for a Universe Galvatron that was an Ultra figure and not the crappy tank we got. Is this that design???

  8. Smasher's Avatar Smasher says


    Don sure does some cool work.
    I wish his TF\Joe designs had seen the light of day.

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