Toy Fair 2010 Power Core Combiners and Transformers Generations Images


Yes indeed! Coming to you LIVE from Toy Fair 2010 are these photos from the Hasbro display. On show here are the Power Core Combiners and War for Cybertron Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as the other entries into the Generations series, Drift and Thrust! Check them out by clicking on the title of this story, and check back often for more updates!

Stay tuned to this weekend for our 2010 Toy Fair coverage and for non-Transformers 2010 Toy Fair coverage.

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  1. shibamura_prime's Avatar shibamura_prime says

    Woohoo! There's the roleplay sword!

    More pics, please and thank you!

  2. Starwave's Avatar Starwave says

    The new stuff comming out this year is giving me an orgasm. I WANT ALL OF IT NOW!!!!

  3. Rquiem's Avatar Rquiem says

    Just saw a bunch of pics,

    Don't know if i'm alone in this but im kinda underwhelmed.

    Combiners are 1 robot and 4 drones. Dont like any of the esthetics shown (robot or alternate mode).
    The only thing i enjoyed is HA Jazz. But i didnt think he's buy worthy.

    Am i alone in this :S.

  4. Goatboy's Avatar Goatboy says

    Looks like the 5 pack power core limbs dont have bot modes But I can live with that. The rest of the line looks spiffing. I'm looking forward to making a Huffer maximus

  5. Hotspot17's Avatar Hotspot17 says

    Too bad they are just little drones. Was hopefully since the new pictures make "bruticus" much better looking.

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