Fifth Revenge of the Fallen Leader-Class Mold Revealed to be Bumblebee


Thanks to S250, a fifth Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Leader-class mold has been revealed. Following the release of Leader-class Starscream will be Bumblebee. This version of Bumblebee features the Autobot with the battle mask, his blaster, and shoulder mounted cannons. No other details, such as a release date, have been provided for this figure. Check out the new image by clicking on the thumbnail to the left.

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  1. ANDROID PRIME has no avatar! ANDROID PRIME says

    I would have liked it to be someone else, but you can't blame hasbro for wanting to make money.

  2. Octavius Prime has no avatar! Octavius Prime says

    Originally Posted by shibamura_prime View Post
    Are those tentacles coming out of his blaster...?
    I'm guessing fingers so he can have both hands, unlike the HA version.

    my post from allspark:

    Wow. And now I kind of feel stupid for getting HA BB. Not really, of course, that thing is still awesome for the driver gimmick alone. But damn, this looks like a nice BB. All the bot mode kibble finally looks right, rather than half-assed (see the deluxe's forearm panels or HA's shins). Are those fingers in the cannons that so slide out, so as to give him both hands? Does the mask slide back, a la HA BB? Well, it looks like he still has the same sort of back kibble as HA BB, and maybe an immobile left wrist as well. Overall, though, this looks like a winner, even if it is a bit surprising. Goes even further than HA to make the Ultimate version obsolete.

  3. process's Avatar process says

    I really don't care for movie Bumblebee, or Bumblebee in general, but hot damn.

    I wonder what his voice chip will be.

  4. Rijie78's Avatar Rijie78 says

    Interesting. Certainly looks far, far better than any of the existing movie BB toys. Looks to have plenty of detail and articulation, be interesting to see if the mask and weapon arm are moving parts, or add-on pieces.

  5. butz's Avatar butz says

    Idiocy; it's not like there's the Supreme Bumblebee, the Human Alliance one and any number of other options for a movie Bumblebee figure. Now we're getting another gigantic one, evidently. It's nice that they've nailed down the movie look tighter than they have before (if that's your thing) but I'm definitely passing on this one.

  6. Tim Formas's Avatar Tim Formas says

    I think the release of this figure will finally dash the hopes of those who believe a Leader-class Blackout or Grindor is in the works. The fact that HasTak chose the 100th version of movie Bumblebee over Blackout/Grindor shows how uninterested those parties are in creating a larger version for that character.

  7. Silk Spectre's Avatar Silk Spectre says

    I was hoping for a Leader Class Ironhide, but I love Bumblebee, so this makes me happy. Another 'Bee for my (already large) BB collection.

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