Rumor – Transformers 3 Script Treatment Leak


Have a pinch of salt ready, Transformers fans – an alleged, leaked script treatment for Transformers 3 has been posted over at The Allspark. While it’s easy to simply dismiss this as a hoax, remember that the last Transformers movie script treatment leak ended up being rather close to what was shown in theaters for Revenge of the Fallen.

So, total hoax or is there a grain of truth in among the salt? Check out the treatment for yourself by clicking on the link above and discuss your thoughts on our 2005 Boards by clicking the discuss button.

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  1. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Could, potentially, be real, but for the most part, it's probably not. Even if it is real, it's not the final version, so it could be completely different when the finished version get's approved.

    Calling Sam "Spike" just seems too odd for this to be remotely real.

    Edit: Reading threw it, it seems too fan-wank-ish to me. The thing with Lazerbeak seemed to similar to G1 to me, and something about the "Now all we need is a little Energon, and a lot of luck" seemed odd to me.

  2. Waveride's Avatar Waveride says

    Anyone read it yet? They could have put up a resume of what exactly happens, i don't have time right now to read through 120 pages just to find out if this might be any good.

    EDIT: Has anyone seen official screenplays/scripts with spelling mistakes in them?

  3. FartRipper67's Avatar FartRipper67 says

    I read about 3/4 of the script, and it makes my inner G1 nazi scream in joyous outburst.

    But, the overall story is WAY too different from the previous movies to even fit in with them... even though there were plot connections.

    It kind of feels like "Oh, we changed our minds on the whole movie universe, let's change to a G1 theme even though we already established a solid theme in the previous movies."

  4. Wheeljack_Prime's Avatar Wheeljack_Prime says

    I'm on page nine, and so far I really hope its fake. Or at least the dialogue is given a total makeover. I mean at least 90%

  5. Radioactive Ravage's Avatar Radioactive Ravage says

    I do not need g1 again.

    NO. This is too fanwanky for me and I really... well, I hate it. It's just... ridiculous.

  6. Lucs's Avatar Lucs says

    Originally Posted by Orion_Prime48 View Post
    ugh not this again
    My thoughts exactly...

  7. Hobbes-timus Prime's Avatar Hobbes-timus Prime says

    Originally Posted by Waveride View Post
    EDIT: Has anyone seen official screenplays/scripts with spelling mistakes in them?
    All the time, actually.

  8. flamingunicron's Avatar flamingunicron says

    Total fake. To much g1 characters to be real but some nice plot twists

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