Animated Toysrus Exclusive Arcee Image Gallery


GenZhao has also gotten hold of the other upcoming Toysrus exclusive Arcee for Animated. The gallery includes images of Arcee in robot and vehicle modes, as well as her weapon storage in alternate and robot modes, and some previously seen package shots.

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  1. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    Looks okay. Seems we will have to paint her lips ourselves, as expected.

  2. Shadow25's Avatar Shadow25 says

    I don't even own any Animated figs, but Arcee, as well as Rodimus, will change that.

  3. Blasterpwns's Avatar Blasterpwns says

    See looks great!

    Is it possible for you to get some more pics of her in robot mode if you ask GenZhao?

  4. jimmynguyen41's Avatar jimmynguyen41 says

    yes agreed nice weapon storage, color or paint is kinda dull...but damn she is a sexy figure

  5. caitlindevi's Avatar caitlindevi says

    Well shes definatly being bought and definatly being repainted into PINK rather than the pinkish red because Hasbro think boys won't want a pink toy.

    Because they keep pandering to the stereotypes is precisly the reason the stereotypes keep going

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