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Takara-Tomy’s official japanese retailer site Toy Hobby Market has released images of an upcoming repaint of the Henkei/Classics Jetfire mold. Due in March of 2010, pre-orders will open tomorrow and extend to the 11th of December. Some translations from the website:

Destron (Decepticon) Scientific Officer
Alt Mode: Super Jet, Battle-Up Mode
Weapon: Missile Launcher, Photon beam, Heat-Seeking Missile, Laser Cannon
He’s millions year old, was in the same unit/group as Skyfire and went exploring in space. In Superjet mode, he can travel around half the Earth in 30minutes.
Preorder deadline: December 11, 2009 (Fri) Noon
Release: Approx March 2010
Note: Final Product may differ from images. Price: ¥3,675

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  1. rikkuluverx2's Avatar rikkuluverx2 says

    aw man, thought he'd be movie colors...but still looks good, but a pass for me.

  2. Triceradon has no avatar! Triceradon says

    Why, hello there, Shattered Glass Jetfire.

    Oh, if I only had the funds to buy such a beautiful looking toy.

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