Revenge of the Fallen Lights & Sounds RPMs, Scout Class Sonar, and FABs In Package Shots


BWTF has done it again. This time Ben shares images of a new class of Revenge of the Fallen toys: “Lights & Sounds” RPM’s. These toys add light and sound on larger scale vehicles. For now, we get to see Bumblebee and Optimus Prime versions complete 360 packaging shots which show the “robot modes” embedded under the floorpans. Also shown are previously seen packaged images for Scout Class Sonar, Cyber Pursuit Arcee, Night Blades Sideswipe and Power Armor Optimus Prime. Arcee is the only brand new mold, with all others being repaints of previously released Scout or Fast Action Battler toys.

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  1. Bass X0's Avatar Bass X0 says

    Only one I could be interested in out of these is Sonar. But I already own Depthcharge and I don't want to buy the mold again. I do quite like the black and the dark blue I have to pass.

  2. jacobot has no avatar! jacobot says

    I thought the Battle Chargers without sound were a step backward in technology... Now I see why

  3. Ethereal's Avatar Ethereal says

    I'd buy that Night Slash Sideswipe if they did that color scheme on the Deluxe version, instead of that new one that's barely changed a thing.

  4. Skyclaw's Avatar Skyclaw says

    Sonar looks very good! good thing i didnt buy Depthcharge and didnt care for his color scheme anyway!! besides, that mold looks much better as a Decepticon!! Decepticons rule!!!!!

  5. Hollywood Hoist's Avatar Hollywood Hoist says

    I'll be buying the Bumblebee RPM L&S, any idea on the price for these guys or when they're due out?

  6. soymonk's Avatar soymonk says

    Sooo... the original RPMs have great alt modes but, due to their size, sacrifice the quality of the robot images on their undersides while the RPMs have crap vehicle modes (too cartoony) but make up for it with slightly better robot images (also cartoony) on their underside, pull back and go action, and lights and sounds?

  7. JakmanFirby's Avatar JakmanFirby says

    .......... ok?.......A Ruthless decepticon who enjoys wetting autobots? WTF

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