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Board member GenZhao brings us a complete image gallery of the forthcoming Leader Class Revenge of the Fallen Starscream. Included are shots alongside his Voyager namesake so we can finally compare both in depth in vehicle and robot modes. Especially notable are the chest detailing in robot mode, and the inlets in jet mode.

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  1. Pavol Palat has no avatar! Pavol Palat says

    I kinda don't like the colors, but they may be better in person. Still in love with this unofficial movie MP

  2. AlphaOmegaBlurr's Avatar AlphaOmegaBlurr says

    This is a magnificent piece of engineering. The true manifestation of Starscream in terms of movie verse.

  3. Blurrz's Avatar Blurrz says

    I just pissed my pants so hard, I need to change the flooring on the basement, because I literally just soaked through 2 levels of carpet. Yes Starscream Yes.

  4. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Not bad, but not as good as he's looked in past photos. I'm still going to get him, but the use of brown in his bot-mode is a little dissapointing, tbh. It's nice to see some bot-mode pics of the final product. Though it would have been nice to get some comparison shots with RotF Leader Prime. The gray looks al ittle light in these photos, but that's most likely just the flash. Prime's gray looks much darker, and much better, in-person, and appears to be lighter and "cheaper" in most photos).

  5. Sculpt-bot's Avatar Sculpt-bot says

    My most anticipated of the new releases coming out. Will be repainting him pho sho!

  6. OmarJT82's Avatar OmarJT82 says

    First: No comparison pics of ROTF Leader class Starscream with either 2007 Movie and/or ROTF Leader class Optimus Prime much less ROTF Leader class Megatron?

    Second: He does not, I repeat NOT, have jet boosters on his back! What's up with that?

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