Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Red Rampage Toys R Us Japan Exclusive


Several recent Japanese hobby magazines, which we have previously covered here, have been showing a blacked out silhouette of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’s Legends Class Rampage. Now the truth can be known! Figure King 141 reveals that this is a red, “screen accurate” repaint of the previous Legends Rampage. He is an exclusive to Toys R Us in Japan, and is available as a free gift with purchase of Takara-Tomy Transformers products worth 3’000 yen or more from November 21st onwards, while stocks last (so in practice, just November 21st!)

Check out the attached scan from Figure King showing Red Rampage in all his glory, courtesy of the good people at

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  1. MrSoundwaveGuy's Avatar MrSoundwaveGuy says

    Cool, I'd like to get a red Rampage for Devs as I dom't like how he has three yellow limbs

  2. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    Originally Posted by ghowildseven View Post
    The US needs to get some store freebies like this one.
    Why? You really want "shell out 100 dollars to buy toys you already got last month again to get a free Legends redeco, and if you're a day late, the freebie is out of stock forever"?

  3. Mach's Avatar Mach says

    Originally Posted by Tkemert20 View Post
    Is This News Credit Worthy?
    Yeah i would think so, but probably u got the news from seibertron, so.....

  4. Malunis_T's Avatar Malunis_T says

    Surprisingly, I did not expect this. Only because it's so obvious. I was somehow expected... I dunno, mixture of battle damage and mud texturing.

    If we get these Legends, Hasbro had better do something to make it less awesome. Like, instead of red Rampage, how bout a purple and green Mixmaster? I want my miniature Mad-Eye Mixy!

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