New Revenge of the Fallen NEST Soundwave & Bumblebee Images


TFW2005 board member tfctoys has recently listed on Ebay (auction here & here) the new Revenge of the Fallen NEST Soundwave & Cannon Bumblebee repaints. This Soundwave is not a repackage of the previous Wonderfest Exclusive. Although he also homages Generation 1 Soundblaster, he differs from the previous exclusive in being a lighter shade of black, and has differing paint applications most notable on his chest blades and calves, and on his satellite alter mode. NEST Cannon Bumblebee is based on the Revenge of the Fallen Cannon Bumblebee mold but with a new battle mask head and red detailing on his launchers.

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  1. VE Telus's Avatar VE Telus says

    New black Soundwave shots from the NEST Bumblebee 2-pack. eBay auction includes three pictures, though it looks like there may be a whole gallery full.

    Great vehicle mode colours, and is different enough from the Black Soundwave Chara Hobby version. Looks really good. Now, if it only came without NEST Bumblebee ...

  2. ComicGuy89's Avatar ComicGuy89 says

    Very nice. This Soundwave is "superior" to the first release. (bad pun!)

  3. TM2 D-bot's Avatar TM2 D-bot says

    Originally Posted by VE Telus View Post
    So it is! Please delete then.
    Why? You posted up the thread just as I was finishing the FP newsbit I already credited you also.

  4. DecepticonSpike's Avatar DecepticonSpike says

    I don't like those colors on Soundwave. I'd rather have had Hasbro do him in Soundblaster colors.

  5. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    It's nice to see some non-photoshoped pictures of him. He's definitely got some black on him, but not enough to call him "Black" Soundwave. I like the shade of blue used. It's nice, somewhat dark, and more gray-ish. I'm planning on finding the first version and also getting this one. That way I can swap some parts, do some painting, and try and come up with a Soundwave that looks like the on-screen version. Though I'm still having a hard time figuring out if he's dark blue, gray, or black. Hopefully it'll be easier to tell once the DVD is out.

    Bumblebee looks good. Looks like I'll have to edit my signature afterall, lol. It's nice to see that this version will have the transparent windows, instead of the one's with the flakes in them. I really like the battle-mode head (it's one of the main reasons I got Premium Bumblebee when I had the chance). The paintjob looks nice, though not all that different from the first release of this mold. I'm going to have my Premium Bumblebee represent Movie 1 Bumblebee, and have this one represent RotF Bumblebee.

  6. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    That Soundwave looks pretty cool (though the alt mode pic reminds me of one of those "Fourth of July Firecracker" popsicles).
    I've got one on the way, and will post comparison pics with Chara Hobby Black Soundwave as soon as I get it.

  7. soymonk's Avatar soymonk says

    What's with the flame deco on his nipples? ... is he upset that Dirge is trying to upstage him?

  8. Sharktibolt's Avatar Sharktibolt says

    I'm going to get this set. I love the black Soundwave, and I only have one Bumblebee from the first movie. Don't know how I did it.

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