New Transformers Encore 18 Skids Photo Gallery


Japanese blog アルフェス2010 have given us a full glimpse for the recently released Encore 18 Skids figure. Included are comparison pictures with a 2003 Commemorative Skids, and detailed images of the packaging, sticker sheet, robot and Honda Jazz modes.

Click above for the full gallery.

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  1. BigRC83's Avatar BigRC83 says

    The bright windows on Skids look way better. But I'll pass. I'm fine with the HASBRO reissue.

  2. ghowildseven's Avatar ghowildseven says

    Looks pretty good, he should've gotten more screen-time during G1

  3. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    Bought, bought!

    Neat "variant" windows..
    Much preferred IMHO.

  4. PoweredConvoy's Avatar PoweredConvoy says

    Seems the Autobot symbol and tail lights are painted too.


  5. Janitor's Avatar Janitor says

    This will be bought by me! I'm off to Hong Kong for 2 weeks, hopefully he'll be out over there

    Originally Posted by ghowildseven View Post
    Looks pretty good, he should've gotten more screen-time during G1
    Granted, he wasn't given much to do (or a personality) in the ol' toon but he was both a lame character ('Triple Takeover' anyone?) and a lame vehicle. A friend of mine owned that car in real life, and man was it a giant POS.

    You have all these sports cars...Wheeljack! Sunstreaker! Mirage! And then Skids. Just sayin'

  6. VE Telus's Avatar VE Telus says

    What I want to know is if this version fixes the robot mode lop-sided issue found on the last Takara release.

  7. IACON's Avatar IACON says

    Never had skids before. Glad I bought him.
    I'm looking forward to have him in my collection.

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