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A japanese blog gives us a finished product view of the new Alternity Megatron repaint: Diamond Black Version. Just like his previous colors, Megatron transforms into a 1:32 scale Nissan Fairlady Z (370Z) with gravital blades and tesseractal swords in robot mode. His construction includes diecast metal and real rubber tires. The paint scheme is now predominantly black with copper and bronze present on his robot mode.

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  1. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    Originally Posted by TCracker View Post
    Colors looked awesome. Hmmmm....might pick one up...
    Me too, meeeeeeeeee too! I am going to be bankrupt very soon!

  2. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    I told myself I would not buy into these repaints.... but that is one sexy time toy

  3. chuckcjc's Avatar chuckcjc says

    I like the first two versions better. I love this mold. Its just the the red is more "rust" than I would have liked. Possibly its the camera, but will have to see this in person first.

  4. Spartan Prime's Avatar Spartan Prime says

    This is new? Whups, I saw one of them in a T'r'U here in Atsugi Japan earlier today and passed it up because I was looking for Prime.

  5. Matterzero's Avatar Matterzero says

    Dammit if I didn't just spend all my spending money this month on a couple of SOC I would totally have picked this up.

  6. Megatronwp38's Avatar Megatronwp38 says

    I just can't get into these alternity guys. BT was better. The head is ugly on this thing.

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