Revenge of the Fallen War For the Skies Legends Four Pack


A new Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class multi pack has quite literally sneaked up on us! This new set is known as War For the Skies. It was found at retail in a Toy Kingdom (Toys R Us Competitor) store in the Philippines. The set contains four repaints of existing Legends class toys – Autobot Blades is a repaint of the Legends Class Springer and Spinister is a repaint of the Legends Class Blackout. They are joined by Thundercracker, a repaint of the Movie series Legends class Starscream and a repaint of Revenge of the Fallen Legends Jetfire.

According to an auction on eBay, this set will be a KMart exclusive in the United States.

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  1. bny888's Avatar bny888 says

    Saw this 4-pack at Toy Kingdom (TRU competitor in the Philippines).

    All re-decos, no new molds:

    Autobot Blades = ROTF Springer
    Jetfire = repaint
    Thundercracker = TFTM Starscream
    Spinister = TFTM Blackout
    (Thanks Ravenxl7, made the corrections)

    I did not buy the pack, not really that excited about it, but I might get it in the future just to complete my ROTF Legends. I find the price too high for repaints, PHP1,900 or around US$40.

    Please excuse the blurry pic, I used my mobile phone's camera and I've got shakey hands, hehe.

  2. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    That's definitely new (well, to me at the very least). Interesting choice of repaints. Also, You have two of them mixed up, because the names of certain one's are mixed up. The Starscream repaint is actually Thundercracker, and the Springer repaint is Blades. Similar mix-up happened with another Legends repaint pack. It had Mudflap and Ironhide's names mixed up. It's too bad this'll probably be a TRU exclusive over here. I've never been able to get ahold of a TRU exclusive. Oh well, only half the set interests me anyways (Jetfire and Spinister), so it's not a big loss if I'm not able to get ahold of the set. $40 for four legends is a bit pricey too. Oh well, I plan on getting Grindor, so at least I'll have a copy of that mold, and I wouldn't be too surprised if Jetfire was still available somewhere around me, so there's still a chance I could own a copy of that mold too.

  3. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    I freakin' want a Spinister repaint of Voyager Blackout/Grindor now.
    Might get this for Spinister and Thundercracker; Jetfire redeco doesn't look all that great & Blades isn't anything special, though.

  4. WhiteMocha's Avatar WhiteMocha says

    Thundercracker and Spinister? Well hell, I have to get this. Wonder if it will see a U.S. release.

  5. Autobot Burnout's Avatar Autobot Burnout says

    I'm sorry, but I think you're mistaken on two of the names. Thundercracker is the SS repaint, and the Springer repaint is obviously in protectobot colors, thus he is Blades. The packaging locations for the legend packs aren't exactly the best.

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