Japanese Revenge of the Fallen DVD & Blu-ray Exclusives


Amazon Japan and Tatsuya Japan have recently added links to the exclusives available in Japan with the purchase of a Revenge of the Fallen DVD or Blu-ray. First up are two versions of the Revenge EZ Collection (Legends Class) Bumblebee in Stealth or Clear decos exclusive to Tatsuya. The clear version will be available only with the Bumblebee Case Premium DVD Edition, while those who preorder now will recieve the Stealth deco as a free gift. Next but not least, is a new version of Revenge Leader Optimus Prime in black and dark grey colors with gold flames. The japanese release date for the DVD and Blu-ray is December 18.

Takara-Tomy has released more info on their site, including the Lawson Exclusives Skids “Desert Version” and Mudflap “Desert Version.” Both are deluxe class repaints of the general line Revenge figures.

UPDATE: New Amazon Exclusive Optimus Prime images combined with Jetfire have surfaced. Click above to see them now added to our gallery.

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  1. Ricochet's Avatar Ricochet says

    Preorder for DVD & Blu-ray has begun in Japan, and there's some exclusives for the release.

    Preorder Exclusive freebie - "EZ collection: Stealth Bumblebee"
    Store(Tsutaya) Exclusive freebie - "EZ Collection: Bumblebee Clear Ver."
    both until supplies last.

    Store(Amazon Japan) Exclusive - "ROTF Optimus Prime Black Version Box"
    movie with exclusive black repaint of leader OP.

  2. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    Holy Christ on a freakin Bike...I absolutely can't wait to get that black leader Optimus Prime.

    That will probably be the trophy piece of my collection if I manage to get one.

  3. Bgrngod's Avatar Bgrngod says

    Damn you Japan and your kick-ass exclusives!!

    It's like... Optimus Prime.. but... The Fallen... but.. not "The Fallen" from Revenge of the Fallen...

    my head hurts

  4. Deathx360's Avatar Deathx360 says

    Wow, that black Prime looks really nice. I hope it makes it's way to the US in some capacity although being an exclusive like that I'm not sure what the chances are, probably not good though. If I had the money I might would consider importing it.

  5. Venksta's Avatar Venksta says

    Last I checked, people outside of Japan could order from Amazon.co.jp. I ordered some stuff from them two years ago.

  6. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    Originally Posted by Venksta View Post
    Last I checked, people outside of Japan could order from Amazon.co.jp. I ordered some stuff from them two years ago.
    So it's no different than ordering from English Amazon.com?
    I mean, I can read katakana, but I'd worry about making a mistake somewhere along the way...
    Though as long as they take PayPal I'd probably be okay.

  7. Squall42080's Avatar Squall42080 says

    You can change the Amazon.co.jp page to english when you start the order process...however you can't have the item shipped to North America.

    If anyone wants to help a North American out, send me a PM!

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