Chara Hobby Exclusive Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave Gallery


Thanks to Board member Optimus747 we bring you some new images of the Chara Hobby exclusive Soundwave. Soundwave was released last week and was a limited release at the fair in Tokyo, Japan. Check out the gallery comparing him with the normal release and upcoming “Gathering at the Nemesis” Soundwaves by clicking on the title bar.

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  1. Optimus Prime's Avatar Optimus Prime says

    ブラック サウンドウエーブ!

    Black Soundwave (or Soundblaster) is primarily black, surprisingly, along with red plastic, gold and silver paint, and translucent orange plastic. The red is more of a bright red than dark red, and is borderline pink on his arm "blades." The gold detailing is similar to that of the other RotF Soundwaves, with extra gold on the wrists. His chest "orbs" are translucent orange.

    His satellite and space cruiser modes are primarily black, and they're kind of bland due to a lack of paint apps; some gold paint on the back of the satellite panels would have been great. But then again, Soundwave's selling point is his robot mode.

    Here he is next to the original Soundwave:

    and G1 Colors Soundwave from the "Gathering at the Nemesis" set:

    And Machine Wars Soundwave :

    Out of the three RotF Soundwave decos, this one's definitely my favorite. He looks the best in robot mode; the black, red, and orange make him look pretty sinister, and the Soundblaster tribute is cool. While Chara Hobby Black Soundwave might be tough to find and expensive, it's worth the price for fans of Soundwave/Soundblaster or fans of the mold. This is one of my favorite exclusive toys that I own, and will definitely stand out in your display.

  2. NGW's Avatar NGW says

    Despite the quality of the pics (and they really actually aren't that bad), they really make the figure look good. I didn't ever really take a good look at it, but damn that thing is nice.

  3. Angelwave's Avatar Angelwave says need a new phone.....badly.

    Thanks so much for the review. Sound(blaster)wave really does stand out against all the others. And I agree, if there is only one exclusive to get out of this line it is that one.

  4. Z.U.D.O.N's Avatar Z.U.D.O.N says

    This one is the coolest ROTF Soundwave. The black and red make him look really menacing. Blue and metal-silver would definitely have been better than blue and grey like the first ROTF Soundwave. I guess that colour suits Soundwave the most, but coolest goes to this Soundwave.

    Of course, I wouldn't be able to afford him so he's off my list

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