Revenge of the Fallen Jungle Attack Ironhide New Image


Board member S250 has recieved an image from yihzi at TF08 for the upcoming Revenge of the Fallen Jungle Attack Ironhide Figure. Parting from the previous voyager mold, Jungle Attack replaces the Road Armor front bumper with a removable bullbar which itself transforms into a crossbow. He also includes a combat knife, minigun and rifle which replace his former weapons. The knife can be wielded as a bayonet by combining it with the supplied rifle. Other mold changes include new louvered window armored door panels, a weapons rack on his bed and roof, and spotlights over his windshield.

Click on the title for the full-sized image. We have also included a previous TFW2005 image so you can get a clearer view of both modes.

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  1. S250's Avatar S250 says

    yizhi of just sent me a blur pic of rotf jungle attack ironhide

  2. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    as much as I like the new parts I dont really see myself buying it.

  3. Toxicon has no avatar! Toxicon says

    Originally Posted by all are dead View Post
    can i have it? lol i will buy on spot with bludgeon.
    I will accept this offer, and for a higher sum.

  4. Omega Charge's Avatar Omega Charge says

    That actually looks pretty sweet. I might be buying it, especially if there's no HA Ironhide. I passed on the current ROTF version, but this one looks great.

  5. megatronkicksas's Avatar megatronkicksas says

    I like the bow thingy but everything else is fail, it reminds of the Small soldiers repaints.

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