First Ever Gallery of Lucky Draw Car Robots Black Ultra Magnus and Black Omega Prime


Transformers @ The Moon’s sister site, Lucky Draw Transformers, has put up a gallery of the Lucky Draw Car Robots Black God Magnus (Ultra Magnus in Robots in Disguise). This piece, which was first unveiled to the public over this past weekend at Auto Assembly 2009, is one of only 10 pieces ever made and is shown here in full detail, including, for the first time ever, combined with the Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy (Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime) to form Black God Fire Convoy (Omega Prime).

Check out the full gallery by clicking on the link above, and then talk about it on our 2005 Boards.

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  1. TF@TM has no avatar! TF@TM says

    Well after showing off the toy exclusively at Auto Assembly 2009, you can now find full size images of the incredible Car Robots Black God Magnus (Black Ultra Magnus) along with the first ever images of Black Super God Fire Convoy (Black Omega Prime).

    The gallery also contains image of Sams Club Optimus Prime combined with Black God Magnus.

    You will need to check back later for images of Black God Magnus in vehicle mode and more images of this extremely rare Transformers figure.

    The pics turned out darker than I had hoped though

  2. Kickback's Avatar Kickback says

    We saw Black God Magnus thanks to Sol Fury's images from Auto Assembly.

    The Super God Fire Black Convoy is new though, changed the title to get a better response.

  3. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    I'm totally awestruck in a way as this is one toy combo I've always wanted to see... but on the other hand I might not ever see this toy let alone own it so I'm kinda sad.

    *also for the record... dear Hasbro plz re-release these guys in universe in some new colours I will buy them up in a flash... again*

  4. Dinobot Nuva's Avatar Dinobot Nuva says

    Gotta love how many adjectives they can toss in front of a toy.

  5. Kickback's Avatar Kickback says

    As far as I know, the RID/CR Optimus Prime/Fire Convoy Ultra Magnus/God Magnus molds are unavailable due to mold overuse. Same for the Car Brothers. So don't expect them to be re-released unless Takara-Tomy decides to rebuild them.

  6. Slimaximus's Avatar Slimaximus says

    Damn the lucky draw Omega Prime is PURE SEX, I sooooo want that

  7. BraveMax's Avatar BraveMax says


    The packaging calls it "Black God Fire Convoy". Someone's experiencing adjective hyperbole...

    Edit: I might add, for the TF@TM people... As far as I know, the combined form of God Magnus and Fire Convoy is "God Fire Convoy". The only place the "Super" adjective appears is for the armored form of Fire Convoy, "Super Fire Convoy".

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